Examples of our Health & Wellness Animations

The below animations are samples only. Hence, they have our logo on them. If you want any, we would recreate them WITHOUT OUR LOGO of course.


We can also correct and adjust things such as any text, email address, colours of backgrounds, wall, soap package, etc. can be set as you require. Also, we can provide different or no music as you wish.

Chrome  (Kim)

Simple Intro (Kim)

Butterfly Intro (Kim)

Massage Therapist Tattoo


Your logo (or image) will be the tattoo

Modern catalog (Kim)

Volcanic Rocks

Tranquillity Spa Logo_(Kim) 

Tranquil Spa (Kim)

Soap Package (Kim)

Chrome Logo (Reiki)

Let’s Work Together

Let us know what you have in mind, what features your website should have, and what image it should portray. If you don’t know, let us meet and we will make suggestions and come up with a proposal and a sample.