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CS Web Designs Methodology 

CS Web Designs employs a best practices development process that includes discovery and gathering information to clearly understand your brand, what your goals and business objectives are – and who is your audience. We develop a proposal that includes purpose of work, schedules and timelines, wire-frames (samples of concept), testing and deployment. We focus heavily on the creativity of developing the website to convey your brand and its ease of usability to the visitor ensuring that your site is also fully functional and responsive.

Website Design & Development

CS Web Designs provides professional website design and a stable build, creating the perfect online presence for you and your business. We provide web design services to portray your business and help you and your business grow.




Your brand is unique to your business and your website should be as well. If you already have a website and need it rebuilt or replaced, we will take the best of it and improve for a great result including logo design if required – with your input.

At CS Web Designs we can also help you develop a strategy to brand you digital marketing initiatives.  Working with parent company Concept Solutions PR & Event Management, our team of certified digital marketing experts can collaborate with you to design templates and campaigns that will enhance your business strategies. 

Information Architecture

Information Architecture (IA) is the design of a structure for a website. It should allow users to understand where they are on the website, and where the information they want is in relation to their current position. i.e. The website should be navigable in an intuitive way.

IA results in the creation of site maps, navigation, hierarchies, categorizations and metadata.

Content Strategy

We work with our clients to define their content to achieve their web presence and branding goals. We work with you to ensure that we define the audience, site strengths, weaknesses and measure results for adjustments.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is all about ensuring your website gets selected and presented when a prospective customer searches. Search engines run over massive databases of websites. To help your website get selected, keywords, name components and tags need to be set. CS Web Designs will work with you to set these and maximize your online market presence.

Website Analytics

Website analytics is the collection of data, analysis, measurement and reporting of the website visitors and usage to enable optimization of your website. At CS Web Designs we insert the analytics codes using HTML or Javascript into your website and utilize those codes to trigger the requested driven data. This data can identify demographics, trends and other details on your website traffic, visitors and usage. Your website can then be enhanced around that information – such as improving keywords, increasing referral traffic and reducing your site page visits. These codes are completely safe and will not affect your company files or security.

Work with a Team of experienced website developers

Our staff have a wealth of experience in all facets of web design, development and hosting. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements and draft a design proposal for you.

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We would love to work with you. Let us know what you have in mind. If you don’t know, we can have a conversation with you to discuss your goals and we will make suggestions, come up with a proposal and a sample of your project.

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